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Conference Proceedings


  • OpenLORIS-Object: A Robotic Vision Dataset and Benchmark for Lifelong Deep Learning
    Qi She, Fan Feng, Xinyue Hao, Qihan Yang, Chuanlin Lan, Vincenzo Lomonaco, Xuesong Shi, Zhengwei Wang, Yao Guo, Yimin Zhang, Fei Qiao, Rosa HM Chan.
    In International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), 2020. [dataset] [code]


Journal Articles




Book Chapter

  • Computational Models and Hardware Implementations for Real-Time Neuron-Machine Interactions
    Rosa H. M. Chan, Terrence Mak, and Chung Tin.
    Zhi Yang (ed.), Neural Computation, Neural Devices, and Neural Prosthesis, pp. 289-311, Springer, 2014.

  • High-Performance Computing for Neuroinformatics using FPGA
    Will X. Y. Li, Rosa H. M. Chan, Wei Zhang, Chiwai Yu, Dong Song, Theodore W. Berger, and Ray C. C. Cheung.
    Wim Vanderbauwhede and Khaled Benkrid (eds.), High-Performance Computing using FPGAs, pp. 177-207, Springer, 2013.

  • Cognitively Relevant Recoding in Hippocampus: Beneficial Feedback of Ensemble Codes in a Closed Loop Paradigm
    Robert E. Hampson, John D. Simeral, Theodore W. Berger, Dong Song, Rosa H. M. Chan, Vasilis Z. Marmarelis and Sam A. Deadwyler.
    Robert P. Vertes and Robert W Stackman Jr. (eds.), Electrophysiological Recording Techniques, Neuromethods, vol. 54, pp. 215-239, Springer, 2011.